Back To School Essentials 

This Back To School Essentials is mainly for my readers who are in Schools which do not have their own set of uniform. 1,A bumbag or a fanny pack;This is what i have strapped on my chest in the pictures below. This sort of bag is for people who do not have much things to... Continue Reading →

Review On Laguru Spa

So today I was privileged to be hosted by @laguruspa and also to be able to collaborate with them. So this is my first location review and I must say it was lovely experience to be treated quite nicely and like a king who I believe I am and I am sure you all will... Continue Reading →

5 Wardrobes Essentials 

1,Headwarmer; An headwarmer is a must have this summer funny thing is that it can be quite hot but well 'you gotta do it for the gram' Lol. You should make sure you buy more than two colors so you can switch them to match any new outfit and on the plus side, they are... Continue Reading →

How To Find Your Personal Style 

I would like to start by saying thank you all for sticking with me through everything. I didn't post the previous week because I needed a small break to really just plan more,shoot more and talk to other fellow bloggers on ways to bring better and quality content to you all but well I am... Continue Reading →

Keys To Having A Happy Summer 

I was thinking about what to post for this week then it hit me, 'why not post about being happy this summer period and basically anytime in life'. So,I wrote 3 keys on how to be happy this summer period and here they are; 1:Making sure have daily goals;Everyday try and write out the things... Continue Reading →

How To Style Basics

Basics are outfits which are referred to simple and effortless so in this post I will be giving tips on how to Style basic outfits. 1,Transparent shades are your go-to;This kind of shades as seen in my pictures gives you are very gentle but Stylish edge on your outfit. 2,Tucking In Your Shirts;A tucked in... Continue Reading →

2017 Summer Essentials 

1,Shorts;Guys/Girls you need shorts in this hot sun cause you can't always wear jeans and regular pants. I would advise you to not just get any pair or shorts, get shorts that match your current clothes so you can look cool in the heat😏 2,Big T- Shirts;This is really vital especially in this heat, It's... Continue Reading →

Tips To Style A Hoodie 

Hey y'all this weeks post is going to be shorter than normal,I hope you all enjoy. Tips To Styling Hoodies 1,Understanding that oversized is the perfect size;You should not be scared of wearing really big hoodies. Enjoy the fact that it's large cause Oversize also means comfy size.It also makes you look more fashionable and... Continue Reading →

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