8January 2018 Hey y'all ✌🏿 It's been a great year so far and today marks my birthday. I am really thankful for life and everything I have been able to achieve so far. So, let's begin. MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION'S 1,Reading one book/novel/write up every week- I cannot overemphasize the importance of reading in our... Continue Reading →

How to style berets

Hey peps👋🏿👋🏿 I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas today we would be talking about ways to better style your beret. 1,Make sure it not too big for your head;A beret should not fold more than twice on your head. You should have it comfortably fit. 2,Good shades would go a long way;Having... Continue Reading →

How To Be Comfortable In Front Of The Camera 

1,Have a good relationship with your photographer: For a creation (picture) to be made one must be able to understand and really feel the emotions of the photographer and be able to have a physical(talking, share personal experiences) or sensual relationship with the photographer meaning at least some sort of bonding maybe before or even... Continue Reading →

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