Back To School Essentials 

This Back To School Essentials is mainly for my readers who are in Schools which do not have their own set of uniform.

1,A bumbag or a fanny pack;This is what i have strapped on my chest in the pictures below. This sort of bag is for people who do not have much things to carry and would also like to remain stylish.It also helps make you look like a trendy person.

2,White sneakers;This is so essential to anyone cause during school period most of us don’t really have time to start thinking of what color of shoes to put on our feet,lol. White sneakers make everything better for you.

3,Transparent glasses; Even if I am not wearing one in the pictures below a right fitted transparent glasses would be perfect but when buying one you should make sure it’s not too big or too tight.

Songs Of The Week 
Uber Everywhere By MadeinTYO

Cute By Dram ft Cardi B

Water By Ugly God

Thanks for reading 😊😊😊🔌

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