5 Wardrobes Essentials 

1,Headwarmer; An headwarmer is a must have this summer funny thing is that it can be quite hot but well ‘you gotta do it for the gram’ Lol. You should make sure you buy more than two colors so you can switch them to match any new outfit and on the plus side, they are quite cheap depending on where you are buying them tho.

2,Rings; I really can overemphasize the need of this is anyone’s wardrobe. Rings are a very vital add on to any outfit and even if you are so much of a fan you could just get some so incase one day you might want to change up your style and you will do It with no stress.

3,A Pair Of Vans;I had my own my first pair of vans like 3-4 years ago and they are still looking dope. You can choose from the wide  range of vans color-ways and style with basically any outfit from high fashion to just a plain old classic suit.

4,A Nice Black Bag;This Summer when you go out you might need somewhere to keep things which you would like to carry out so this is not only helpful in carrying your stuffs but also fashionable. A small back will do.

5,A Fashionable Key Holder; I had  seen many people in the past who inspire me wearing this and I believe it looks really nice if you match it up with the right outfit.

Songs Of The Week


P. Juice- Tay

Veggies- Amine ft Ty Dollar $ign

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