Keys To Having A Happy Summer 

I was thinking about what to post for this week then it hit me, ‘why not post about being happy this summer period and basically anytime in life’.

So,I wrote 3 keys on how to be happy this summer period and here they are;

1:Making sure have daily goals;Everyday try and write out the things you plan to achieve and thinking about what you can do to help thrust you forward to achieve those goals.

2:Going Out;I know how easy it is to just wake up and decide to spend the whole day inside. A key to success and happiness is going out and finding new places to enjoy yourself it helps bring out the exploration part of you.

3:Keeping in contact with your friends and family; This is last but not least, you should sort out some time everyday to call or maybe just contact your family members to find out how they are doing and basically just let them know you care about them.

Songs Of The Week

0700- Bass For Thought 

Kyle- Not The Same

Kyle- Nothing 2 Loose

One thought on “Keys To Having A Happy Summer 

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  1. I agree with your submissions ! You also cannot overemphasize the importance of setting out goals and mapping out a strategy to achieving it.I enjoy reading your write ups. Keep at it and stay on focused and the sky 🌌 is only your starting point. Have a great weekend !
    NB: It’s important you take note in your write ups to avoid grammatical errors. The internet never forgets. Once we write and post on the internet it’s out there !


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