How To Find Your Personal Style 

I would like to start by saying thank you all for sticking with me through everything. I didn't post the previous week because I needed a small break to really just plan more,shoot more and talk to other fellow bloggers on ways to bring better and quality content to you all but well I am... Continue Reading →

Keys To Having A Happy Summer 

I was thinking about what to post for this week then it hit me, 'why not post about being happy this summer period and basically anytime in life'. So,I wrote 3 keys on how to be happy this summer period and here they are; 1:Making sure have daily goals;Everyday try and write out the things... Continue Reading →

How To Style Basics

Basics are outfits which are referred to simple and effortless so in this post I will be giving tips on how to Style basic outfits. 1,Transparent shades are your go-to;This kind of shades as seen in my pictures gives you are very gentle but Stylish edge on your outfit. 2,Tucking In Your Shirts;A tucked in... Continue Reading →

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