2017 Summer Essentials 

1,Shorts;Guys/Girls you need shorts in this hot sun cause you can't always wear jeans and regular pants. I would advise you to not just get any pair or shorts, get shorts that match your current clothes so you can look cool in the heatūüėŹ 2,Big T- Shirts;This is really vital especially in this heat, It's... Continue Reading →

Tips To Style A Hoodie 

Hey y'all this weeks post is going to be shorter than normal,I hope you all enjoy. Tips To Styling Hoodies 1,Understanding that oversized is the perfect size;You should not be scared of wearing really big hoodies. Enjoy the fact that it's large cause Oversize also means comfy size.It also makes you look more fashionable and... Continue Reading →

How To Style A Camo Jacket

Camo jackets are essential in today's urban fashion so it's really vital to know some tips which could help you style a Camo Jacket in the best possible way. 1,Knowing Oversize Is Good;When wearing a Camo Jacket you wouldn't want it to be too fitted because then the whole concept of the Camo Jacket would... Continue Reading →


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