Who Is Daniel Adetona +Tips On Becoming A Greater Version Of Yourself 

‘Who Is Daniel Adetona’

I appreciate all my readers and all of you who follow up with me on social media i really appreciate.

So let’s begin.

I am 19 years old

Born and raised in Nigeria even tho when i was younger i always lied that i was born in the U.S to get more attention.

I went to Stella Maris High school Abuja,I changed from boarding to Day school in SS1 (10th Grade) .

I really had fuwn while growing up i used to be such a rebel not that i am not now tho,lol.My hobbies are watching movies,fashion documenting and funny enough making money.

I am presently schooling in Nigeria,I started blogging On my 18th birthday,I desired to create somewhere that youths can be interviewed and be inspired than later i changed into a fashion and lifestyle blog which not only talks about lifestyle and fashion but also gives inspiration teachings to helps all my readers.

I am inspired by the likes of Asap Rocky,Drew Scott and Gallucks.

I believe in the law of attraction and i have been using to manifest for as long as i can remember.

My message to you is to not stop dreaming and to keep believing yourself cause you whatever your mind can conceive you can achieve.

Tips To Becoming A Greater Version Of Yourself

1,Study;I cannot emphasise the importance of this,we all need to regularly study in whatever field we are.This would not just keep you busy but keep you one step ahead of your pairs.

2,Connect;Connect with people far and wide,be friendly to people.Go for events wher you can find people on the same vibration as you and you all can make plans for the future.
3,Schedule;Having Daily Schedules have been more than helpful to me because they help me know what exactly i am doing for the day and have a clear perspective of how my day is going to be.

Thank you for reading,I really hope it was helpful.

Outfit Details;Brown Trench Coat-Asos

Black longline sweater-H/M


Blue Denim Shirt-Forever 21

Have a lovely week.Stay Plugged🔌🔌🔌

One thought on “Who Is Daniel Adetona +Tips On Becoming A Greater Version Of Yourself 

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  1. This is a really interesting article although i expected you to talk more about yourself like; your birthday, what school you are in, your level (year in college), relationship status, favourite colour, what inspires or motivates you everyday, your family background, any sisters or brother, where you live? (Lagos, Abuja, WARRI!)? your favourite song presently, favourite musician both male and female, favourite designer, (if any) your likes and dislikes, favourite food, events that happened that you cant forget (just a little story tho),you could even tell us your favourite blogger like you are! and all of that. Also, i recommend you get someone to always check your work before you put it on your blog (ME) for typo errors and tells you if its enough or too little for readers! once again this was good but can be better. Xoxo


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