Tips To Have A Stylish And Productive Summer 

Tips To Have A Stylish And Productive Summer
As we all know,summer is here and it’s going to be a little switch up here.I would like to give you some tips to have a Stylish and productive summer.

1,Having a summer Job:This is very  important not just because it will help you make some money but also because you could learn a lot while working in which ever place you do.

2,Having the types of events you would go for planned out;For a little part of this summer I have the list of events holding and the the ones I am going for,you should too.This will help you plan your time better and reduce last minute rescheduling.

3,Surrounding yourself with new people who would improve your cause;You need to have the right people around you,people who desire nothing but the best of you and would love to see you go higher.This would act as a motivator for you.

4, consciously Keep count of how you use money;In our everyday life we use money and it is quite vital to keep account of how we use this money.

5,Get your summer essentials plugged;You need to get you stylish summer essentials out,you will need them.Let the summer weather favor you.

6,Having a summer social media theme:On social media especially instagram it is cool to have a certain theme you are using,it makes your pictures look neat and organized.

Photographed by; Khloe Grey

Creative director;Precious Ajoku

Words Of Wisdom;I just vacated yesterday and I am so turnt that I am being able to go on a break from school meaning more content,more Vibes and more features this summer.I really need to tell you all that you can achieve anything you put your mind to,put in the work and do what you can so at the end of it all you can look back and smile.

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