How To Make Great Use Out Of A Limited Wardrobe 

How to make great use of a limited wardrobe

A lot of people don’t really have as much resources as others so this will help everyone who would need to learn how to make great use of your wardrobe.

1,Investing In cheap accessories;This is quite important not just because it helps level up your style but also because it helps you look way more not limited as you Wardrobe may say you look,lol.

2,Tucking In;When you see you have over worn a shirt and you need to create a new look tucking it in is always a go to.It helps you look much more better and if you have a Jacket to put on it it’s gonna make the look much better.

3,cuffing your trousers:when you cuff the end of your pants you are able to show off your kicks more and it give this sharp look on you.You can do this while wearing socks or not.

4,Selling old clothes for new ones:There are many websites like Depop were you can sell in your old clothes,you can now then use the money to get new ones or you can sell to your friends/family.

5,Do some color blocking:many people are afraid of this but if you need people to inspire you to do this you can check social media and check fashion pages to see how to color block better.

Photographed by: Khloe Grey

Creative Director: Precious Ajouiku
Words Of Wisdom:I have been deeply immersed into self books and videos,In the coarse of my study I remembered something I would like to share with you all which is this ‘In This Life Which We Find Ourselves We Are Continuously Creating Our Very Own Individual Reality’This is why in a country blessed with many resources many complain of lack of those same resources and some still come out making millions from those so called resources. Everything hangs on to your thinking,I have always being an optimist and this tea helped me so much but I would like you to know negative thinking attracts negative outcomes,so this week think positively and see how well your week goes.

Thank you all for Reading🙏🏼

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