How To Balance Your Passion And Schoolwork 

How To Mix Your Passion And Schoolwork
I believe in everything one of the most important things is balance,we all have several things which we invest our days doing so we need to really know how to make them all productive,so this post is dedicated to the my readers to help you blend your passion with schoolwork
1,Keeping A Journal;Having a journal has helped me so much,It helped me to document my personal life plans and ideas which I have.Keeping a journal helps keep memories of life’s experiences

2,Having Daily Goals;We all should have goals we strive to achieve during the day be it schoolwork be it shoots setting goals keep your eyes on the price.

3;Working Sith Smart People In Your Field;In whatever field you find yourself in don’t just settle for staying with mediocre people because in no time you would become a spitting reflection of them so look for people doing good in whatever you love and take tips from them,as you take from

4;Getting Frequent Information;You have to be current,you wouldn’t want to be the dude that when everyone is talking about a frequent subject is just quite,you would need to be able to get not just current but also relevant information and this will help distinguish you from those who are just there.
5;Give Yourself A Break;Learn to take a chill pill,I do better not under stress,I believe we all do.In whatever learn to just just lay back and relax,I am not saying be lazy but basically have fun while doing your thing.

Words Of Wisdom;I have been seeing so many things happening around me and I at first was just asking why such bad things happen to good people but it has gotten me into the vibe of just being thankful,We all should.Life is too short to be wasted on thinking about anything that can bring you down.

Keep your eyes focused on the positive things around you.
Thanks a lot for reading.See you next time my lovely people,Stay plugged🙏🏼🔌

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