How To Look Stylish On A Budget 

-How To Look Stylish On A Budget –

I have gotten a lot of messages from people asking why the tips I give are for people with high income but I believe my tips could fit in all categories but my tips for today are mainly for people on a budget,most especially a low one.

So let’s begin.
1,color block;This may seem funny but sometimes you really don’t need to put on colors of clothes that are close or maybe of the same grade.I do this when I have less clothes with the same shade on.It always turns out great when I do it but if you aren’t feeling that then it’s okay.

2,Buying cheap accessories;I have bought many low priced accessories before and I always notice how they make me look much better all the time,They always make you look more classy too.

3,Having Monochrome outfits;This has really helped my style because Monochrome outfits are something you could wear many times, it’s not noticeable when you wear them again and you can easily accessorize them and switch them up to pimp up your style.

4,Add some good pairs of colored socks to your wardrobe;Colored socks are a life saver and plus a lot of them are not that expensive.They make the most basic of outfit look way better.

5,Always Trading In Old Wears For New Ones;When you trade your old outfits for other ones maybe from your friend or from whoever you get to add an extra outfit to your collection and when you are done with it do it all over again.

Outfit Details;


Trousers; Zara

Pink Shirt; Splash

Shoe;Dino Maglini




Words Of Wisdom;I have being on a happiness streak for a while and I plan to continue forever.I have seen how being positive and happy has changed my life,sometimes the society says’If something bad happens feel bad’ but I believe it is meant to be the opposite,I have realized that being sad or worried has never made a good difference in my life so why be that when you can focus on the good and enjoy life for what it is ‘Beautiful’.

So to you all my readers,Bless up,Stay happy,stay positive,stay strong.

Thanks For Reading🙏🏿

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