How To Build Up A Stylish Wardrobe 

How To Build Up A Stylish Wardrobe 1,Having A Talor Or Personal sewing machine;This is really important because when you have a someone who can help fit your fits you can get them to look better on you and you can also create style pieces without spending much money. 2,knowing your colors;Colors play an important rolein... Continue Reading →

How To Style Sporting Wears

Styling A Sport Outfit; 1,A Good Pair Of Kicks;Wearing a good pair of sneakers always help look more stylish and more fashion sporty.Who said you can't look fashionable and sporty too. 2,A Stylish Cotton Shirt;Cotton shirts are not only soft and good for sport because of how light the material is but when you wear... Continue Reading →

Styling Distressed Denim

Styling Distressed Denim-Jeans 1,Finding the right fit;In wearing your jeans you don't want them to be what you don't want so try them on first before buying and if you are getting it from an online store get your right size measured and know the size before ordering first . 2,coloured socks;Coloured socks really help... Continue Reading →

•How To Know Your Own Style•

How To Know Your Style 1,Checkout Style Inspirations;In lIfe we all have people who inspire us.I look on some style pages and i just start smilliing and writing outfit  ideas down.In finding your own style having some people where you can pull ideas from is always great. 2,Find Your Current Loves;In Knowing your own style... Continue Reading →

Style Hacks

Style Hacks 1,Tuking In Shirt;Not everyone might like this but i like it cause it helps when i am wearing a shirt again and i need it to look look different. It helps you maximise your wardrobe and look more stylish. 2,Less Is More;In the past i really thought otherwise and I added all i... Continue Reading →

Interview On Bamidele Olamilekan(Pexxie)

Full Name;  Barr. Bamidele Olamilekan A When Did you decide to go into Digital Marketing; Say 2012-2013 What Inspires You; The satisfaction the clients get when I ask them for review? It's dam priceless Hobbies; Eating 😂 sleeping, travelling and surfing the net  When starting up what were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?;... Continue Reading →

Style Tips For Taking Fashion Photos

Style Tips For Taking Fashion Photos This are somethings which i didn't really know while starting but when i found out about them my fashion life really changed. i hope this tips will help you. 1,Have A Good Photographer;This is so important because if you have a good photographeryou can create great pictures and also... Continue Reading →

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