Serenity Hive

What is serenity; This is a state or quality of being calm no matter what.What is a hive;A hive is a structure especially for bees for protection and where they keep there young ones before they grow old enough to get out.   So a serenity hive is a place of protection from anything that... Continue Reading →


First of all,What Is Unorthodox? Unorthodox means not conforming to rules, traditions, or modes of conduct, as of a doctrine, religion, or philosophy; not orthodox : an unorthodox ideology. Then whatis a vogue? The prevailing fashion or style at a particular time.So let me say an Unorthodox Vogue is a different style from the way... Continue Reading →

Black Book White Pages

Don't be quick to judge a book by it's cover, The society my do it but you are beyond the society's comprehension,Before you judge anyone look at yourself and ask if you are any perfect.Thank you for reading.God bless you. If you have any questions about this article or other things you can get at... Continue Reading →


First of all I would love to saya big thank you to everyone who reads my blog and supports.Okay then,Camo is short for Camouflage,this has to do with the creation of a like manner appearance of something to resemble another,while connection is the joining of two other things or objects(physical or non physical). So camo... Continue Reading →


A Soul means the  emotions of a person(anger,joy). A man's emotions is meant for good not evil.This Series is about me,lol.I battled a lot stuff but i actually realised something later.I was fighting for victory not knowing that i had already won(Christ won it for me),this is how some people live their lifes fighting over... Continue Reading →

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