REJECTS POLAROIDS This article is basically talking about being different,have you ever felt like you were just not where you were meant to be,i feel the same way too .My family has mainly mum has a perspective on fashion which is certain people dress certain ways.I believe fashion is basically about expressing yourself to the... Continue Reading →

Interview On Ifeanyi Nwune

Full Name; Ifeanyi Nwune Nick Name; Ifeanyi Nwune When did you really start fashion; 2011 What do you call your type of style; Ifeanyi Nwune Who in the style industry motivates you; Virgil Abloh Lejenke Rick Owens Riccardo Tisci Juun j Do you think of starting a style brand; I have a fashion line named... Continue Reading →

Interview On Deborah Umoren

Hi Daniel, Here goes my answers to the questions asked in the email you sent earlier. Umoren Deborah Ofuré Edidiongabasi Fureh, blackrose, Debbie, Debdeb I've always been a fashion girl My style is old skool (vintage) refined with modern touches Abisola Kola- Daisi inspires me a whole lot, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi, too Yes I... Continue Reading →

Interview-Prince Nuel (Korrupt)

John-Akachi Prince Nuel Koruptt Started photography in ss3, i didn’t know much at that time about what i was doing.I just loved taking moments, then it was my express music (nokia) i called my camera.. it started to grow into something different as i grew much older. Ermm I’ve done a couple of projects; Eden... Continue Reading →


This state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. "an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city". This state ,your mind is calm and free only God can bring true peace. Ever had a time you want to do something and your whole spirit is not going with it.That is the holy spirit telling you not... Continue Reading →


This article is about turning your bad days upside down. When having a bad day what do you do?do you lay in bed and listen to sorrowful music which makes you more sorrowful or you find something else to do. In times you feel down try and just think about all the good things in... Continue Reading →


Having fun,what is having fun?! I believe this means being you and being free to explore to the fullest.It means breaking even (passing beyond the normal).Happy New month to you all and God bless you all my readers🙏.


Menh,I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who checks up on my blog and supports. The pictures are all about being yourself,having fun and don't let the culture change you but change the culture.In all you do just know God got you.

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