Interview with Dami Oniru

Interview with Dami Oniru  Full Name: Damilola Oniru-Edwards   Since when did you start music: If I recall correctly, I've been singing since I was about 9 that’s when I joined the choir.. but i only realised that I could properly sing at about age 13 thats when I started taking music seriously.   What... Continue Reading →

Interview with Zilla

Full Name: Rodnee Okafor Nickname: Zilla, Rodzilla, Zills What inspired you to go into music: Listening to music everyday with my parents when i was younger made me fall in love with music but what made me go into it was just really my inner conscious Since when did you start music: lol 2012 in... Continue Reading →

Interview with Chuzzus

Name:Chukwuma Okoye Nickname;Chuzzus How did you get the name:Kanye's Yezzus album What inspired you to go into social media entertainment:lol i dont even know what inspired me You once said you were gay what prompted that:lol i was just joking Hobbies:Eating and Sleep How do cope with the fans 24/7:lol, people expect 24/7 tweets? lol... Continue Reading →

Interview with Jinmi Abduls

Jinmi Abduls Full Name: I'm Folarin Oluwafeyijinmi Abdul salami Nickname: better known as Jinmi Abduls! What inspired you to go into music: All my life I've been directly or indirectly into music , learnt musical instruments at a very young age and I guess that love for music eventually resulted in me dedicating  my full... Continue Reading →

Interview with Three Kings

Names:Adeola Sonoiki, David Nwalupue, David Odize. What inspired the brand's creation : we have always been hardworking and ambitious young men right from high school, and the brand originated from a shared dream amongst the 3 of us. How did you three come to know each other:we were childhood friends, lived very close to each... Continue Reading →

Interview with Princess Okoh

Princess Okoh Full Name: -          My full name is Princess Onyinye Okoh. Nickname: -        I've got quite a few: Prinny, Princy, Pringles, Oksss, Mulan, Rat, etc. What inspired you to go into music? -          As a little girl, I always had dreams of singing and performing. Growing up, music went from just something I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

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